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Delice and Dr Luc (MHCDASA) and Robby (EnergySA) standing together, smiling

How Energy SA is Contributing to Communities in DR Congo

You are reading this article thanks to the modern wonder of electricity. Access to electricity is a privilege that all Australians can enjoy. However, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), this privilege is available to some 20% of

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Tesla battery outside home

South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme: What We Now Know

Update, September 2022: All Home Battery Scheme subsidies have now been allocated. If you have any questions about an existing application or just getting a great price on a battery, contact Energy SA at (08) 8374 1491 or

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Home with solar panels

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

When considering solar it’s important to be well informed about your investment. How long will it take to receive a return on your investment and what exactly are you paying for? Panels play a large part in a system cost – they aren’t the

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